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For Jessi

Published April 23, 2012 by ciarrasurvivingibart

For Jessi

Dedicated to Jessi


Use Your Pencil…

Published April 18, 2012 by ciarrasurvivingibart

Lots of people don’t enjoy using a pencil to make a realistic drawing because it’s boring. But making a realistic drawing is a great way to develop hand eye coordination. Other aspects could really benefit from these drawings. Patience is one of them. So pick up a pencil and start drawing something! You won’t be good at first but no one ever is, keep going! Anyone can do it with enough practice.

I’m Peeta and I know it – take three!

Published April 14, 2012 by ciarrasurvivingibart

lol, i love this

Hunger Games Fandom

Okay, let’s do this!  We know you ALL love the “I’m Peeta and I know it” text messages, we’ve shown you the video, I think all that is left to do is show you this:

The “I’m Peeta and I know it” movement has been a viral one.  There’s no telling what else might pop up out there, but we will keep you posted!

Source: Huffington Post

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