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India Ink…

Published April 13, 2012 by ciarrasurvivingibart

India ink is a really fun media to work with. You can do many different things with it. Use calligraphy pens, brushes, even sticks! There’s many things you can do with it. Add water and make different shades or keep it bold and black!

Cool design

Here I have put a small blob of India ink on paper and then taken a thick needle to drag it out. This created a really cool design. You can make all kinds of designs.

Fooling around with different shades










See how I diluted the India ink with water? It made lighter shades.

India Ink










This is India Ink. It’s a pretty commonly used media so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. You could find it at an arts or crafts store.

Use a variety of brushes










Here’s some brushes that I used. Make sure to have fine and fat brushes to work with.

1000 Paintings of Genius










I looked for a painting in 1000 Painting of Genius so that I could find a suitable painting to remake with India Ink.

A portrait of Alexander Sakharoff by Alexej von Jawlensky










I love this!

The outcome












Here’s the out come. I used different shades of India Ink and some different techniques too. Try flicking the ink on with a smallish brush. If you want to do the same thing start off with a really light shade as a guide line and build up from that.

Good luck!

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