Why I Started This Blog

I started this blog as a project for tech class. Not much to say on that subject. It’s sort of a project to show our skills. You have to show something in some way using technology. I wanted to make some sort of website because it’s not going to be the last time I make something such as a blog. Why not? Anyways, if I had to do one more Power Point my head would explode, then I’d have to buy a new keyboard for the school and then wash the computer screen really well.

Also, I’ve loved art all my life, it’s one of my passions. While blogs about Justin Bieber or Homestuck will go out of fashion in ten years, art will always be a fresh topic. Some people really need to try art sometime. Anyone who says they aren’t good enough to draw or paint don’t get it. Those poor blokes who think their imagination is too terrible to make something inspirational don’t understand. To me it’s about making something beautiful, whether it has meaning or not. Maybe it won’t look too great at first but you just have to keep trying. In fact, it doesn’t have to look good. If it’s art to you then you are an artist, no mater what anyone says. That’s why I made this blog.


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